I recently was in the market for some AR 500 steel targets to take to the range to practice for my precision rifle and two-gun matches when I came across an thread on a local gun forum advertising new targets from THETARGETSOURCE.COM. based out of Convington, Georgia.


ShootingResources Target Poppers

4mm Plastic Popper Targets

Great economic alternative to steel.


Ameriglo Night Sights

Anyone who carries a handgun for a living or has carried one into harms way before knows the importance of having a handgun that is not only reliable but can engage threats under any condition.  One condition under which most shooting incidences occur is night or reduced light.  One additional piece of equipment I insist is on every one of my defensive handguns is a good set of night sights.  Night sights allow the shooter to safely and effectively engage threats under low light conditions.



Mako Tactical Products

I had been in the market for a few upgrades for my AR-15 for some time . The Mako Group helped me with that.  They sent me 3 products, Their new Modular Tactical Fore-grip called the VFR, an AG-43 Ergonomic Grip , and the GLR-14 M4 Collapsible Stock. 


Springfield Armory/Insight XML Tac Light

     When the subject of tactical lights is mentioned it conjures up all types of images and discussions.  The typical image it brings to mind is a carbine or full size pistol with a big black light with an awkward mount.  When it is cut on you can hear it buzz and it has the power to light a small parking lot.   This is not the opinion of all however.   I have found that there are two type of people, type one is they type I have mentioned above.  Type two wants the most powerful light possible in the smallest package possible but able to mount to anything.  This discussion can divide even the closest of Tactical units and partners


Law Concealment Systems Deep Cover Holsters

I was thrilled to receive the box that John Barnett, President of Law Concealment Systems, sent containing 2 of his deep concealment holsters, the LCSB and the LCS II ½.  My first impression was that there was a lot of thought put into the design, addressing a few issues of other concealment holsters while keeping it very simple. I tried the LCSB first, which is made of ballistic nylon. This design fit my Sig Sauer P225 and my Kimber Eclipse Pro, which is within itself was a nice thing. Both are designed to give the wearer a choice of either a vertical or an angled grab of the pistol.  I tried the rig both ways and it was more comfortable for me to have my pistol angled, making it easier to grab.