9mm Federal 124gr EFMJ

This is Federal’s Expanding Full metal Jacket Round. I had to do some looking to find this stuff. It seems to be in big demand. It states that it will penetrate, expand and not be plagued with the problems of traditional hollow points. The website states that this ammo travels at 1160fps and delivers 370ft lbs of energy. I decided to bring out the water test on this just to see what once would look like fully expanded so I could compare down the road. As stated this round had a perfect mushroom. No separation of the jacket, nothing, a perfect mushroom


Next was the ballistics wax test, this proved good as well. The ammo penetrated 12’5” of wax, which was on par with the 11” – 13” I had read on the internet. And once again, the mushroom was perfect. 

The final test was the sheetrock test, the ammo penetrated 6 layers of sheetrock and once again had a perfect mushroom. this is the equivalent of 3 walls. 


My opinion. Go out and get some.. I did. This is great stuff. Consistent on over 30 rounds of testing. All rounds expanded perfectly. This ammo will perform in shot barrels and long as well. I could see this round being around for some time.