9mm Extreme Shock 124gr Fang Face Round

This ammo has been on the market for a while, I was reluctant to try ammo from this company at first mainly due to the price, but I went out and bought a few 5 packs of the fang face (at 19.99 per 5 rounds) to try them out. As far as what the website claims this will do, there is no definitive explanation as to what the Fang Face actually does.

It looks like a fragmenting  enhanced penetration round. After contacting extreme shock USA. John Mullins, CEO of Extreme Shock sent me a box of the Air Freedom Round and the Enhanced Penetration Round.  So those tests will be coming soon.  From a few searches on the Internet it seems to be the same claims as the air freedom rounds “Explosive Entry Fang Face rounds disintegrate when they hit hard targets such as many interior walls and airplane skins, but retain the stopping power on organic targets”. The website states that the velocity is 1182fps and produces 385ft lbs of energy. 


On to the sheet rock test.The Fang Face round went though 14 layers on sheetrock, and the round  was completely intact. That is the equivalent of 7 interior walls, that’s a bit excessive. 


(image comming soon)


My opinion. I can see many great uses of this ammo but none of them are home defense or personal carry. There are so many other rounds out there that would be much more suited for the urban environment, using this round in a carry situation sets you up for to many over penetration issues. On the other hand, if you wanted to use this as a backup to a hunting gun, or even a carbine hunting weapon, this would be great. But I would not recommend this ammo for CCW use at all.