45acp Magsafe 96gr Defender +P

I tested this round since I tested the 9mm defender. This has all the same characteristics of the 9mm. High velocity and extreme energy dump. The website states this round “Penetration of 8" to 13". Greater Stopping Power than any hollow point ammo in its caliber! Loads in this section are OK for use in alloy-framed guns, and have some penetration to defeat car doors & glass, or one or more home walls or doors.”



The sheetrock test proved that this ammo does what it claims. This ammo went through 5 layers and bounced off the 6th layer, that’s the equivalent of 3 walls. The round fragmented completely.


My opinion:  This is a great round for home defense, especially if you are in an urban area like an apartment complex or homes that are very close to each other.