Speer Gold Dot 115gr 9mm

This is the ammo used by a majority of local a federal law enforcement agencies in 9mm, 357 sig, 40 cal, and 45acp. The 9mm is claimed to travel at 1200fps at muzzle and 1065fps at 50yds. This ammo produces 368 foot pounds of energy at muzzle and 289 foot pounds at 50 yards.  The exact ammo we tested was the 115gr GDHP.  The test weapon was a Sig Sauer P225 Pistol. My previous opinion of the ammo was partly based on what I had heard from Federal Law Enforcement and the numbers I have read about.  But once I shot the Speer Gold Dot I realized the reason why it is so popular. It is consistently accurate, feeds flawlessly and I noticed the recoil was a bit less than the other ammo tested. The water test (see picture) proved to show expansion that was equal to the ballistic gelatin results. After a day of testing this ammo I experienced no jams and no misfires, once again proving why the government uses this ammo.



            Next was the chipped tires test, which showed penetration that was excellent. The 115gr GDHP traveled 19” into the chipped tires.  This is similar to some results I have read showing the GDHP traveled 16” into denim covered gelatin. The deformation was minimal with no separation of the jacket.  (see picture)


The sheetrock tests proved to be good, it still proved to be a good penetrating bullet and have excellent expansion in all condiditons, This by far is one of the best overall rounds on the market. 

this round penetrated 8 layers and bounced off the 9th. 

My overall opinion of the 9mm Speer Gold Dot ammo is that I would recommend this to anyone as a carry ammo. Speer Gold Dot is available in many calibers from 25acp to hunting rounds.