Snugpak Jungle Bag

  For years there has been a quest for the perfect jungle bag.  Unfortunately for those of us seeking this it does not exist yet.  There are those bags that come close though.  One of those is the Snugpak Jungle Bag.  I have had the chance to try this bag out on a few occasions now and while I plan on doing more extended time testing I felt the need to put my initial opinion about it out there so to speak at this time.  At this time I have tested this bag as a bivy over a sleeping bag 



  As I have tried different bags I have noticed that they have all struck me as being the same.  They all seem to have the same features, same basic construction and materials just different names on the tags.  My standards are more tough and strict than the “industry standards” and I would expect this to be true of anyone that has spent time in the field or other conditions.  In typical Snugpak fashion they have been able to do this. So with that said it takes allot for me to feel like a manufacture has set itself apart from the rest. At first glance the Jungle Bag seems somewhat less than impressive.  Once you open the stuff bag and pull it out that feeling fades quickly.  The jungle bag is very light weight and can be compacted to almost fit in your hand.  It has a temperature range of 17-7, which makes it a great Summer and Fall bag (at least where I am).  The Snugpak Jungle Bag also has a mosquito net that can be concealed if need be.  Then of course there is the color and you have three choices in this red, black, or olive.


    I spent a fair amount of time in my Jungle Bag (which of course is olive color) over the summer.  As always there were things I did like about it and things I did not.  First the things I did like about it.  More than anything I enjoyed the fact that it is light and compact.  It added virtually no weight to my pack and took up almost no space either.  So it provided me an almost instant shelter with no extra room needed in my pack for it.  The mosquito net proved invaluable on more than one occasion.  The net plus the unique zipper construction and direction not only meant that it kept mosquitos out but it kept all bugs out.  Some of the places that I had to lay down and sleep had allot of bugs too.  The light fabric makes the bag not only warm in cool conditions but I found that it was also weather proof for the most part and acted well in the roll of a bivy bag. I still need to try it out in the rain with a sleeping bag in it to test the waterproof properties of it, so look for that in the future.  Finally the color allowed me to conceal myself when I needed too and worked well, to the point I was almost stepped on once.

    A few things I did not like about the Jungle Bag, nothing major but somethings to think about non the less.  First off as with the Elite 4 there are no instructions with the Jungle Bag.  These would be useful when trying to figure out features and to care for the bag after it has been in the environment.  Also there was some confusion on my part ( my fault I think) that a liner comes with or inside this bag, which it does not.  I believe that this could be better explained on the website. Finally in hot and muggy environments this bag does not seem to wick very well at all.  Therefore if it is hot and muggy when you are in the bag you will not stay entirely dry.  You will wake up hot and sticky to some extent, which is never a good feeling.  Also when the fabric of the Jungle Bag gets this way it has a tendency to stick to anything plastic or rubber to include boots that you may have on.  This can present a little bit of a challenge when you are trying to quickly exit the bag.

    All in all I would say this is a decent bag for the money.  I really did not find anything about this bag that would knock your socks off.  There was enough difference between this bag and others that sets it apart in a good way from most others on the market.  For-sure I would rate this bag in the top 3 on the market now for the money.  With Snugpak’s reputation for quality products and standing by them you will not go wrong with this Jungle Bag.  So if you are looking at Jungle Bags I recommend you check it out and strongly consider it.