Voodoo Tactical Scout/Swimmer Bag

     Over the past few years VooDoo Tactical’s name has become with synonymous with high quality tactical gear.  They have proved that tough, dependable, quality tactical gear does not have to cost and arm and leg.  Their dedication to this shows not only in current products but also the new products that have come out.  Now most operators think vests and packs when they thing new tactical gear, this however is not always the case.  When VooDoo Tactical sees or hears a need for a new product and then produce something to meet this need even if this product only files a small niche.  Nowhere is this is more evident than in the new Scout Swimmer bag.


     The number of operations personnel that would need something like this in the operations community is relatively small compared to the other things such as vests etc.  The “tactical swimmer” role and need for sometimes specialized gear is sadly overlooked most times in the tactical community.  It is a role that nobody thinks about until it is needed.  This fact though did not keep VooDoo from making an excellent gear bag, if anything I would venture to say it inspired them.  While most gear bags are designed for multiple types of gear in multiple roles the Scout Swimmer bag has a pretty specific purpose in mind.  It was made to organize, hold, and comfortably transport gear for shallow water/scout operations.  

       The toughness of the bag is apparent from the first time you see it.  The bag is made with multiple carry options in mind andwith universal webbing and attachment points on the pockets and the side of the bag.  There is also padded straps with the standard chest and waist strap.  The main compartment and pockets are lined with a type of plastic lining and drain grommets at the bottom of the pockets.  This means you can completely submerge it and not worry about the drying and cleaning of it later.  There is also a large carry handle at the top of the bag as well.  All of these features are pretty standard on most gear bags, that however is where the “standard” ends.

     When you first look at the Scout Swimmer bag you should notice its unique shape.  The bag and main compartment is contoured to the basic shape of your fins.  The zipper on this main pocket also go from top almost all the way to the bottom for ease of getting them in and out.  The top portion of the main pocket is also made of mesh for venting and drying.  The other two outside pockets you will notice also have roughly the shape of a dive mask.  There are also two outside pockets on each side.  You can see more about these features and all of the gear fit into the bag in the video that accompanies this article.

     Now as I mentioned before the percentage of people that actually need a bag like this is relatively small.  I am, for better or worse one of those people that have a need for such a bag.  My Scout Swimmer bag has been rather busy since I have gotten it and traveled all over the world.  While the basic gear has remained the same some of it has changed from place to place.  I had no problem though fitting any and everything I needed into it and sometimes doing it quickly.  This bag has also been in almost every type of water from chlorine, to salt water, and almost everything in between.  Sometimes this has been with several days between being able to clean it.  It has also been submerged for extended periods of time.  Despite this fact the bag shows little wear and degradation at all.

     One thing that I was pleasantly surpassed about was how easy it was to carry this bag.  Even fully packed it was still light enough to be carried across land for a moderate distance (5 miles).  Boarding aircraft,boats, and other vehicles in any combination was extremely easy and presented no problem.  There were also occasions that I had to swim or submerge with my bag but did not need my gear that was in it.  I found that surface swimming with the bag secured on my back was easy and non intrusive to my arm movement.  The Scout Swimmer bag also has little to no buoyancy making it easy to submerge with.  Even with SCUBA gear on with a little imagination can be secured where it does not interfere with your operations. 

     I have to be honest there has to this date not been anything that I do not like about VooDoo Tactical’s Scout Swimmer bag.  There are two changes as of now that I would like to suggest.  I would like to see one of the big outside pockets be fully waterproof.  This may make the cost of the bag go up slightly but not all of the gear needed sometimes is waterproof (think cameras) so I think it would be worth it.  I would also like to see more color options added (specifically a slate gray color as it blends well in water).  Lastly I would also like to see more marketing by VooDoo to all of the markets military and civilian for this bag.  There have been people in both that I have come across that have the need but until seeing my bag had no knowledge that such a product existed.

     VooDoo tactical has made the Scout Swimmer bag with a small but very over looked and highly needed group of individuals. They did so with function, durability, and reliability in mind.  They did all of this affordably without compromising quality.  I have no doubt that it can hold up to and operate in any conditions or environments that it is called to serve in.  Weather you are military, civilian, or other if you have a need to carry such gear I strongly recommend you look at and consider the Scout Swimmer bag. I always expect the best and the unique products from VooDoo tactical; as always they have delivered this with the Scout Swimmer bag.

VooDoo tactical has made the Scout Swimmer bag is available in Black and Olive Drab and retails for $69.95.  You can purchase this bag directly from Voodoo Tactical here: