Performance Rifle Interdiction Course



Performance Rifle Interdiction Course




This course is designed around the Semi-Automatic, Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) and will provide the student with all of the basic physical, environmental, and technical skills needed to engage multiple targets with combat effective hits under minimal time frames.  Students will learn multiple techniques for stabilizing their shooting platform, reading the environmental conditions, and effectively using their scope reticles to make rapids hits on multiple targets at varying distances.


Weekend at the Range II


March 6th-8th 2015


We will be offering you the opportunity  to come out and shoot your long range rifles at distance and fine tune your shooting skills. Targets will be reactive steel out to 2160 yards. 

We will also have a wind reading Class by Mike Bowers (Certified by the Legendary Vern Harrison) 

Positional shooting class by Jonathan O’Neal (US Army Distinguished Marksman). 

We will also offer you the opportunity to join the Elusive “1-Mile” and “2000 yard” Club


Weekend At the Range

I would like to thank everyone who came down this past weekend to our first ShootingResources and Shadow Hunter Concepts "Weekend at the Range" Event at Legion OTG. It was a pleasure meeting all of the new shooters and hosting all of the vendors who came. 

Looking forward to doing it again in March.





Here is some of the random shots from the event.


Weekend at the Range Vendor list

**Weekend At the Range Participants**


Do christmas shopping early - Here is a list of the vendors that will be involved.  If you see something on their sites that you want to take a look at, let us know.  We will see if we can get them to have the product there at the event.  


Here is the list: 


Weekend at the Range Itinerary



Fri JUN 27th -until full

  • Open Registration for training On ARFCOM and ODT  and for the new shooters that want training


Fri OCT 3rd

  • 1100-1230 Check into facilities and cabins intro brief
  • 1300-1800 First set of Classes
  • 1800-1930 Open Shooting/ Vendor Time
  • 1930-2100 Dinner
  • 2100-2400 NVG shoot (Tentative on equipment)


Weekend at the Range - Gear List

Below are the recommended items to have at the weekend at the range

If you have any questions regarding any of the information below, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Rifle capable of 1MOA. If you do not have a 1 MOA Rifle there will be some demo rifles to use once we get out in distance. But you will be responsible to purchase ammo
  2. Quality optics. The following features are preferred on the optic:
    • Finger adjustable turrets with audible/tactile “clicks”, MOA or mil are fine 
    • Ranging reticle, mil/mil or MOA/MOA 
  3. Rifle-mounted bipod 
  4. Notebook or data-book with calculator
  5. Ammunition,150- 200 rounds. Ammunition must be "match grade" from a reputable manufacturer IE: Federal, Blackhills, Gorilla or Hornady. If you have hand loads that have been tested, they will be suffice.
  6. Eye and ear protection 
  7. Smart phone/ ipod/ ipad w Ballistic app: Knights Bullet flight 2, Shooter, applied ballistics, or iStrelock