Weekend at the Range II


March 6th-8th 2015


We will be offering you the opportunity  to come out and shoot your long range rifles at distance and fine tune your shooting skills. Targets will be reactive steel out to 2160 yards. 

We will also have a wind reading Class by Mike Bowers (Certified by the Legendary Vern Harrison) 

Positional shooting class by Jonathan O’Neal (US Army Distinguished Marksman). 

We will also offer you the opportunity to join the Elusive “1-Mile” and “2000 yard” Club


Some of  the things that will be covered:

◦Go over rifle handling, such as bipods and how they work, bolt manipulation, magazine changes, basic sling usage.  
◦Go over and demonstrate simple basic shooting positions.
◦Go over breathing and respiratory pause.
◦Go over the scopes and different types of reticles, Range estimation using mil-dot and MOA reticles.
◦Go over basic bullet ballistics and give a basic description of trajectory and terminal ballistics.
◦Go over zeroing and how you actually go about zeroing the different types of rifles,
◦Talk about the importance of having the scope level past 200-300 yards and what cant does to the shot. 
◦Talk about scope calibration, such as the box test AND checking mil or MOA clicks and applying correction      factors. 
◦Go over the basic equipment and accessories that are available to enhance their shooting experience.


Legion Operator Training Group, Blakely, GA